Minimalist runners unite—you can now go medieval. PaleoBarefoots are taking this craze to a whole new level (and historical period) with their chainmail design as "Foot armor". Shoes out of metal? What may seem like a contradiction in comfort is being touted as a near-barefoot experience that will thrill the senses.

Barefoot running has become a hot topic for enthusiasts on both sides. Claims that running shoes create an unnatural gait that may lead to injury are met by arguments that the cushion and protection that shoe gear provides is essential to the health of the feet. PaleoBarefoots offer some of that foot defense while allowing the wearer to feel the natural environment at the same time. As the barefoot movement keeps up its pace, these knightly shoes may be a great option for someone who is riding the fence. Be careful—sharp objects can still be felt through the chainmail material.

The feet are worth protecting! Whether you’re a runner or not, proper shoe gear is essential. Standing on your feet all day at work? Playing with your kids at the park? You need footwear that will give you lasting comfort throughout the day. If your feet haven’t been getting the attention that they deserve, take some time to evaluate your own shoe situation. Do they fit well? Are they the right size? Are they the right shoe for your arch type?

While the thought of chainmail shoes may make you smile, foot pain is no laughing matter. The expert staff at Absolute Foot Care Specialists is ready to help you end your discomfort now. Call for an appointment with Dr. Levine today, or schedule online. Three convenient Las Vegas locations make finding your foot care solution easy.

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