Most people have a couple “pet peeves.” Yours could be for some small behavior or habit, like being annoyed when someone squeezes the toothpaste tube from the middle instead of the bottom. It could be more significant, too, like being bothered by repetitive actions or phrases. Typically these are things that “get on your nerves.” Describing annoying things this way is always interesting, since it highlights how real nerves are sensitive. In fact, you can tell just how sensitive that tissue is when something literally gets on your nerves, leading to nerve pain.

While neuropathy is one of the most common sources of nerve pain in your feet, it is by no means the only one. Many other issues can cause the uncomfortable tingling, burning, and numbness that makes many activities or wearing certain shoes so difficult. By recognizing these other potential culprits, hopefully you can identify what may be at the source of your own nerve pain:

Neuromas – These thickened, swollen sections of nerve develop when their tissue gets pinched or compressed for too long.

Injuries – Accidents or sports injuries can damage structures that then pinch or trap your nerves, creating pain. In extreme cases, the tissue could even be crushed or severed, leading to permanent damage.

Tumorous Growths – Cancer and other tumors can press on the nerves around them as they get bigger. Unfortunately, the drugs used to treat cancer can also contribute to nerve damage.

Autoimmune Diseases – Certain diseases like multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease directly affect your nervous tissue, causing numbness and discomfort.

Hormone Imbalances – Changes in hormone levels in the body can negatively affect your nerves’ sensitivity.

Vitamin Deficiencies – Certain vitamins, like B6 and B12, are crucial for normal nerve function. When they are low or absent, you can develop numbness, weakness, and discomfort.

Alcoholism – Alcohol can actually destroy and deaden nervous tissue over time, so excessive alcohol consumption can definitely contribute to painful problems.

Since damaged nerves may not be repairable, you should never ignore nerve pain in your feet. The sooner you deal with it, the easier it will be to manage and hopefully keep it from worsening. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists are here to help with just that. Make an appointment at one of our Las Vegas offices to take care of your feet before problems spiral out of control. You can reach us through our website, or by calling (702) 839-2010.

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