The roar and excitement of Motocross is coming to Las Vegas during this year’s Monster Energy Cup, taking place on October 19th in the Sam Boyd Stadium. Riders appear to defy gravity and fear as they race and jump their bikes in this high-adrenaline competition. We’re sure to see some incredible moments, some close calls, and likely some injuries. It’s hard to get through an extreme-sport competition without them!

Riders are at high risk for incurring fractures, sprains, and other stress injuries from accidents or poor foot support. Participants could experience fractures anywhere in the foot or ankle from crashing their bike, landing incorrectly, or having another bike land on them. Sprains and other stress injuries can occur from similar accidents, or by not having strong enough support to help the ankle handle the strain of Motocross.

Joint inflammation, plantar fasciitis, adult acquired flatfoot, ligament or tendon tears, and Os Trigonum syndrome—tissues in the heel pinching against a bony prominence—are common painful problems that these athletes face. With the right support and conditioning to build up foot and ankle strength, these stress-related injuries can be avoided.

You don’t have to be a Motocross rider to experience foot and ankle damage. Many other athletes face the same or similar issues. The key to avoiding pain and weakening in your feet and ankles is to maintain their support and conditioning.

If you experience any discomfort while being active, notice swelling or weakness, or have visible physical changes in your feet, don’t ignore them. Have your condition investigated right away to get your feet on the path to healing and prevent a worse injury that could sideline you for a long time. Dr. Levine will evaluate your foot pain and work to get you back out and doing what you love. Contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists today for an appointment or more information by visiting the contact page on the website or by calling (702) 839-2010.

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