The name Michael Phelps brings to mind many things: swimming, gold medals, the Olympics, crazy eating habits, and maybe even a past indiscretion or two. However, his appearance at the World Swimming Championships held in Barcelona, Spain gave everyone a new topic of conversation. How did he break his foot?

Sporting an immobilizer, the record setting swimmer commented that he had fractured his foot and indicated that it was a golf related injury. While Phelps was focused on being at the meet as a spectator rather than a participant, the media buzz was largely about his foot and whether or not it would completely shut the door on a rumored comeback to the sport.

Foot injuries are common among athletes and career ending for some. However, early detection, especially in the case of a stress fracture, can mean a full recovery. Never ignore pain in your feet. Note if it comes and goes, or if it is constant. Swelling of the affected area is another typical symptom. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. In the meantime, stay off of the foot, ice and elevate it.

The experts at Absolute Foot Care Specialists understand that foot and ankle pain is just as devastating to our patients as it is to an Olympian. We work to provide conservative care that will end your foot pain quickly and effectively. Your time is valuable, and we respect that by providing on-time care every time you are in our office. With two Las Vegas locations and award-winning care, Dr. Noah Levine looks forward to serving you.

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