Over 2,000 foot care specialists are set to attend the 2013 American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Annual Scientific Meeting. Also known as, The National, this is the leading conference for those in the field of podiatry, and it’s being held right here in Las Vegas, NV. The event runs from July 21 to July 25, and will draw foot health professionals from the US and beyond.

Las Vegas is no stranger to conferences—the city hosts over 21,000 such events each year. At Absolute Foot Care Specialists, we are particularly excited to have the APMA in our city this year. The meetings offer an opportunity to network with, contribute to, and learn from others in the field of podiatry. We understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest available treatments. With a focus on conservative care for the feet, our goal is to offer the best foot care options for our clients.

If you’ve never visited a podiatric office, you may wonder about the benefits that you will receive. Podiatrists are foot care specialists who have been trained in the complexities of the feet and how their health relates to the rest of the body. While foot pain may feel like a generalized issue, there is always a specific source. The only way to find relief is to locate it and address the cause.

Our Las Vegas neighbors work hard. Standing on your feet for hours often leads to pain in the feet and ankles, but you don’t have to live with this discomfort. Dr. Levine is ready to serve you at one of two convenient locations.  Find relief through podiatric care today!

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