Most runners love a good challenge—that’s why they’re always running, training, and pushing toward their next goal. This drive gave rise to events like the “Tough Mudder” and “Warrior Dash.” For anyone looking to push their limits and learn about leadership and teamwork, few events are like the GORUCK Challenge. Originally created to prove the durability of a brand of rucksack, the current events were developed by special operations personnel to build teamwork and teach military-level training.

Much like actual military training, or even any other race or challenge, the event is hard on the feet. If you’re up for hours of pounding around with bricks, carrying logs, and running for miles, your feet will need to be prepared and protected against blisters and other problems that could cut your day short with pain.

Remember to wear proper socks and shoes. Choose non-cotton socks made of a material that wicks away moisture. Make sure they are sized correctly so that they aren’t loose around your feet, which could cause blisters, or too tight, which can limit your circulation. Shoes should have cushion and support your feet. If you need extra padding or stabilization, invest in orthotics. When you train, be aware of high-friction locations between your feet and shoes. You may need moleskin or tape there to prevent blister formation.

Though certainly not for everyone, the GORUCK Challenge is an event to test your limits. It’s not meant to be your typical race in any sense. If you’re interested in pushing yourself, however, the next Las Vegas challenges are coming in February 2014. For anyone looking for help to condition their feet for this or any other event, or if you’re already struggling with foot pain, contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists for an appointment. Call (702) 839- 2010, or visit the online contact page.

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