Painful heel imageYour job plays a central role in your life. It’s where you spend much of your time, it’s how you pay your bills, and it can even be part of your social life. The last thing you need at work is pain—especially something like heel pain, which can make standing and walking difficult for you. Since painful heels can potentially force you off your feet and away from work, reducing your risks for heel pain can be quite important.

Heel pain develops several different ways and for many different reasons. One of the biggest issues is overuse and excessive pressure on the lower limbs, which is particularly common when you work on your feet. However, there are ways you can prevent heel pain and protect your lower limbs. Here are a few things to try:

  • Wear comfy shoes – Cushioned, supportive footwear that helps reduce stress on the back of the foot is absolutely crucial. Skip the high heels or uncomfortable dress shoes and stick to styles that help your feet absorb pressure and hard impacts.
  • Stretch and strengthen – Stretching tissues attached to your heels and strengthening your feet overall can help your lower limbs better handle stress from your job, preventing pain.
  • Get a padded mat – If you stand in one place a lot, ask for a padded mat to stand on. This softens the ground and reduces the pressure against the soles of your feet.
  • Use orthotics – Orthotics offer extra cushioning and support, so they can help reduce stress if shoe changes alone are not enough, or you have specific biomechanical needs.
  • Pamper your feet at home – After work, treat your feet to a nice soak, or prop them up and ice your heels. This helps alleviate inflammation and swelling pain.

Reducing the pressure on your feet and dealing with symptoms early can make a big difference for your lower limbs. Heel pain can be a chronic problem that’s hard to manage, so don’t risk it—work to prevent the condition as much as you can. If you’re struggling with foot issues at work, or you already have heel pain, our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists can help. Call our Las Vegas offices at (702) 839-2010 or use our online forms to contact us today. Don’t wait any longer to take care of your lower limbs!

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