This year’s awards season has already been full of buzz, from an interesting year at the Golden Globes to grumblings about this year’s Oscar nominations and snubs. No matter how people feel about the awards leading up to the big show, though, you know plenty of viewers will turn out to see not only who wins, but also all the fancy duds and shoes. If your teen daughter is hoping to scout out heel fashions for the coming year, however, the sky-high shoes at the Oscars are not ones that we recommend for her inspiration! Heels like that on a young person can contribute to teen bunions, leaving your daughter looking for bunion pain relief later.

Teen bunions are far less common than adult bunions, it’s true. Although, for the young people suffering with bunion pain, these aren’t something that is impossible for teens to develop. The pain and discomfort is their reality. If you have a teen child with bunions, or you are a teen with this kind of foot pain, the good news is that it’s treatable. Some simple remedies can offer bunion pain relief without jumping to surgery to solve it:

Shoes – Shoes can make a bunion worse. Make sure your teen wears low-heeled, supportive styles with a wide, rounded toe box that doesn’t squeeze the toes, rather than Oscar-worthy, tall and narrow stilettos.

Padding – Much of bunion pain comes from friction aggravating the bump on the foot. Slip a cushioned pad in between the shoes and your teen’s feet. This eliminates some of the friction and pressure.

Orthotics – Since biomechanics impact a bunion, faulty foot mechanics can make a problem worse. Orthotics help support the foot and correct mechanical issues, reducing pressure on a bunion.

Surgery for bunion pain relief is only necessary in the rare cases where your teen is experiencing severe pain that limits his or her daily activities, and it isn’t responding to conservative treatments. In most cases, noninvasive remedies effectively alleviate the discomfort. Your teen doesn’t have to suffer or cut back on activities because of a bunion. Let Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas help your teen eliminate bunion pain. Call (702) 839-2010 or use our website to reach us.

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