Sometimes the culprit for a crime is hard to catch. That’s what the incredible Mob Museum here in Las Vegas demonstrates. For decades, classic mobsters were hard to nail down and even harder to prosecute. Only with creative detective work and brave law enforcement did famous criminals like Al Capone get caught in the end. Sometimes it takes an unusual approach to get an unusual criminal—or an unusual source of ball of the foot pain. While most cases of forefoot pain are pretty straightforward, sometimes it can be a rare and hard-to-catch culprit, like Freiberg’s disease.

Most ball of the foot pain is pretty easy to identify and catch, like the common culprits metatarsalgiaMorton’s neuroma, and sesamoiditis. Occasionally, though, it’s the result of a behind-the-scenes, hard-to-pin-down source. Freiberg’s disease is one of those potential problems. It’s a slow breakdown of one of the heads of a metatarsal bone, causing intense discomfort whenever you put too much pressure on the ball of the foot.

The whole condition is shady and mysterious, since no one knows exactly what causes it. Sometimes it seems to be related to repetitive trauma. Other times it appears to come from an interruption of blood flow to the metatarsal head. No matter the cause, the bone begins to deteriorate. Slowly the metatarsal head flattens out and wears down. In more severe cases, pieces of bone might actually break off and “float” inside your toe.

The good news is that, even though the condition is rare, you can take care of it. The sooner you have your ball of the foot pain addressed, the easier it is to manage it, too. Let our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Last Vegas help. We can identify the problem and find the best treatment solution. Just call (702) 839- 2010 to make an appointment with us.

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