Stretching for a better workoutWhether you love to hit the gym or force yourself to go, a workout is an investment in your body. It can be hard and comes in many shapes, depending on what you like to do and how you’re training your body. If you want to get the most out of any workout, however, there are two things you can’t underestimate: your before routine and your after routine. Before your workout and after you finish are just as crucial for your body as your actual run, sports game, or weight lifting routine.

Before Your Workout

Before your workout is your chance to get your body—especially your feet—ready for the stress you’re about to put yourself through. Even if you enjoy working out, it does strain your body, so you need to prepare. Make sure you’re wearing supportive, cushioned shoes to help your feet absorb hard impacts and stay stable. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during your workout. Most importantly, take time before you start exercising to warm up.

A dynamic warm up helps you get your body moving and your muscles ready to work. Running in place, lunges, calf raises, and other exercises “wake up” your muscles so they’re ready to be active. This also allows you to start slow and ease into your activity, which can help prevent injuries.

After Your Workout

Once your workout is done, you shouldn’t just stop. Your post-workout routine helps your body come down from exercising and contributes to injury prevention. This is the best time to stretch your body, particularly your feet, when your muscles and connective tissues are warm and ready to relax. Don’t forget your post-workout snack, either. This doesn’t mean jumping to ice cream or cookies because you were active, but consuming healthy foods that help you repair and rebuild soft tissues like muscles.

Your workout is important, but it’s how you care for yourself before and after a workout that can make a big difference for your foot health, and your workout success in general. Don’t take your preparation and cool down time for granted! If you’re not sure how to warm up your feet, or know you’re struggling with foot pain when you’re active, let our experts with Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you. Contact our Las Vegas offices today for a consultation by calling (702) 839-2010.

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