Custom orthotics have been around for a long time, but we still get some skepticism about them from time to time. Do they really work? Why should I spend the money? What’s wrong with a cheap pair off the rack at Walmart or my local pharmacy?

Part of it is probably the increased marketing blitz and slick buzzwords from your standard, mass-produced insoles. Last year, the insole market was worth about $1.2 billion; it’s expected to climb past $1.7 billion within just five years.Custom Orthotics

We won’t totally trash all prefabricated inserts—they can be effective for certain individuals. But there’s a reason why custom orthotics are usually worth the added expense for those with serious foot pain: they work!

Most insoles (custom or otherwise) are going to provide some key features to address your foot pain. Added arch support. Slight elevation for the heel. Pressure-relieving cushioning across the sole. But cheaper, prefabricated orthotics are going to do that inexactly, because every foot is different and every foot has slightly different needs. You can find the best fit you can, and that might be good enough for mild pain. But it won’t quite be right.

Because custom orthotics are prescribed by a specialist and individually made for a particular set of feet, they can offer the highest level of support and relief for those with serious foot pain. They understand exactly what your feet need in terms of cushioning and support, and then provide it.

And that’s not all they’re capable of, either. Custom orthotics can also control and correct abnormal foot motions and gait problems, too, depending on the type you get. Far more than simply cushioning “hot spots” that are subject to extra abuse, they will actually improve your natural biomechanics so that you don’t create those hot spots in the first place. This can also relieve stress throughout the entire skeleton, including knees, hips, and back.

If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain, the Absolute Foot Care Specialists team wants to see you! We’ll carefully examine the biomechanics of your lower legs. If necessary, we can fit you for a pair of custom orthotics, let you know if you can “get by” with a good off-the-rack pair of insoles, or provide any other treatments that you may require. To set up your appointment, give us a call at (702) 839-2010.

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