Your feet change as you get older, which can mean your foot care needs change somewhat over time, too. As you age, your feet grow more susceptible to infections and injuries. Your muscles and your bones slowly weaken and become less stable. Your skin dries out more quickly and may be prone to other problems. You have to be more intentional about daily foot care as well as checking for issues. Your footwear must be supportive and appropriate for your feet as well. Wash your feet and use moisturizer every day. Check your feet for changes like cuts, bruises, soreness, swelling, discoloration, bumps, lumps, or anything else out of the ordinary. Many seniors have trouble with balance, so you may need to adjust your shoes to be more supportive or practice balancing exercises. Make sure you move your feet regularly and exercise periodically to help boost your circulation, which naturally slows as you age. If you discover abnormal changes, have trouble with your shoes, or find your feet simply get sore more easily, let our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you. Make an appointment at our Las Vegas offices online or by calling (702) 839-2010.