Treating gait problems accurately first requires a good diagnosis. You need to know the source of your walking troubles to begin correcting movement issues. Dr. Noah Levine will examine your lower limbs and evaluate your gait to determine the underlying problem. Then our team will help you establish a treatment plan. If you have a neurological disorder, illness, or injury that affects your ability to walk normally, treating those conditions should help correct the problem. In many cases, accommodating the lower limbs can help as well. Physical therapy strengthens weak muscles and improves range of motion in joints. Braces and special shoes stabilize the lower limbs and orthotics may improve foot alignment for better walking. You might need additional care, like medicine or surgery, to address the source of the gait issues. Let our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas help you walk with confidence again. Use our website to make an appointment. You can also call (702) 839- 2010.