Broken toeBroken toes need time to heal, just like any other fracture. Exactly how long it takes depends partly on how severe the break was. Simple, well-aligned toe fractures may only take a few weeks to heal, while more serious ones that have to be manipulated back into place—or even fixed with surgery—can take much longer to recover. In general, expect roughly 4-8 weeks for your toe to be completely restored. Complications could potentially make the healing much longer, though, so if you’re ever concerned you might have broken a digit, don’t wait to get it checked and treated and risk additional problems. 

A specialist like Dr. Noah Levine will evaluate your toe and use diagnostic images to determine if it really is broken. This also allows our team to see how serious your condition is and determine the best course of treatment. Minor toe fractures may be able to be buddy-taped, while more serious ones might require a special boot to protect them. Contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists today for more information about broken toes. You can reach us online or by calling our Las Vegas offices at (702) 839-2010.