How Often Should You Replace Running Shoes?Depending on how much and how hard you run, your running shoes can wear out and need to be replaced fairly quickly. Pounding the ground and logging lots of miles wears down a shoe, eliminating your tread and breaking down the supporting structures on the inside. After running between 300-600 miles on a single pair of shoes, it’s usually time to replace them. Exactly when that is will depend on you, your routines, and your unique feet. Running on rough surfaces, striking the ground hard, and possessing certain biomechanics may wear out a pair of shoes more quickly than others.

How your shoes feel when you run is another indicator that you might need to replace them. When shoes wear out, they can’t support you properly, so your feet fatigue more easily. You may notice your lower limbs feeling sore and uncomfortable, or even the start of shin pain and other issues. If you’re struggling with foot pain or need help replacing your running shoes, let us now at Absolute Foot Care Specialists so we can help. Make an appointment online or by calling our Las Vegas offices at (702) 839-2010.