Tarsal coalition is a painful condition that develops in the womb and ultimately creates rigid flatfeet in pre-teens and teenagers. The condition is usually considered hereditary, though the specific gene issue has not been identified yet. If you have tarsal coalition, chances are high that your child will as well. The problem occurs when the individual bones in the feet are supposed to separate and develop. Two bones end up with excess tissue as a “bridge” between them instead of separating properly. As your child gets older and his or her feet stop growing and start to “set” into their adult shape, the tissue bridge hardens along with the normal bones. This prevents motion between the bones and causes pain. The earlier this condition is caught, the easier it can be treated successfully. Admittedly, not all children or teens with this condition develop painful symptoms. In many people, the tissue bridge doesn’t impede the feet in any way, so it might go entirely unnoticed. If your teen does have pain, however, let our staff at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas help you. Make an appointment online, or call us directly at (702) 839- 2010.