A sudden change in foot temperature from normal to cold is usually Raynaud’s disease. In general, there are many reasons for cold feet, including nerve problems like peripheral neuropathy, artery problems like PAD, vitamin deficiencies, and even chronic alcohol abuse. Raynaud’s disease is slightly different. Something triggers the blood vessels to constrict rapidly and sharply limit the blood flow to your lower limbs. This is temporary, but for some people with more serious cases, the flare-up may last a while and possibly contribute to painful foot damage. No one is exactly sure what causes Raynaud’s disease. Sometimes it’s a side effect of an autoimmune disorder or preexisting problem like that. More often, though, it develops after an injury, in response to repetitive actions or motions, or as a symptom of other circulation-decreasing issues, like smoking. Exposure to extreme temperature changes and stress are the most common triggers of a “cold feet” episode. If you’re struggling with icy toes, let the Absolute Foot Care Specialists team help. Make an appointment online, or call (702) 839-2010 to reach our Las Vegas offices for an appointment.