In a city like Las Vegas, getting sun is inevitable and inescapable. The desert sun and intense heat pretty much require sunscreen—and even then, sunburns are still common. Most people know to put adequate protection on their face, shoulders, and back when they’re going to spend lots of outside. Most people forget, however, that their feet are affected by sun, too, which can leave you with some painfully red lower limbs!

The affects of the sun on the feet are pretty easy to forget. After all, your feet are often locked away in your shoes, where they aren’t affected by the sun. However, as soon as you wear sandals or any other style that exposes skin, or you walk barefoot by a pool, your poor feet are open to sunburns. The problem is that most people don’t think about this until their feet are red and smarting.

Some basic burn relief helps alleviate that discomfort and encourage healing for your skin. The good news is that this tends to be pretty simple and something you can do at home. Here are some basic steps for sunburn relief:

Get out of the sun – If you’re still out in the sunshine when you notice the burn, cover your feet right away, whether by getting under a sun umbrella or going inside.

Apply cool compresses – As soon as you can, apply moist, cool compresses to your damaged skin. Don’t use ice, since the extreme cold could actually hurt you.

Moisturize with soothing agents – Many natural cooling and moisturizing agents, like aloe, help your skin heal. Topical vitamin E and black tea are alternative home remedies that might help. Gently rub your moisturizer into the burn.

Drink plenty of water – Internal hydration does help the skin, even after burn damage, so consume plenty of water.

If you’re concerned about the severity of a burn, don’t wait to have it evaluated and treated. The sooner sun damage is addressed, the easier the burn relief is. Contact our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas for more information about dealing with sunburns on your lower limbs, or to make an appointment. Call (702) 839- 2010, or use the online request form today.

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