foot burn can be serious or minor depending on the damage to your skin. For mild, first-degree burns, some basic home treatment like ice, moisturizer, and anti-infection measures should be enough to help your skin heal. You’ll only need podiatric help if the damage is very painful or prevents you from walking. A second-degree foot burn, which blisters, is more serious and more likely to need an involved treatment. A blistered burn can be quite painful and prone to infection. In rare cases, people need skin grafts to help large burns recover. A third-degree burn is considered a medical emergency. The damage is deep in your tissues and may have destroyed your nerves, meaning you won’t feel much pain. The skin may look charred, waxy, white or dark brown, raised, and even leathery. This requires extensive and invasive treatment to avoid losing your limb. If you’re at all concerned about the extent of damage from a foot burn, just contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists instead of waiting. Call (702) 839-2010 to make an appointment.