How do you start a shoe company in 2013? Kickstarter of course. This online fundraising platform gave Crosskix founder Eric Saligumba an opportunity to make his design dream come true. After a rocky start earlier this year, the brand met its goal and is currently offering preorders.  What’s so special about these shoes?

The footwear world has been turned upside down with the minimalist shoe craze. When Crocs were introduced, the EVA product was snubbed by some. However, over the years many have found the soft composite material to be full of function and comfort. Now you can have your Crocs and run too!

Crosskix are touted as flexible, lightweight (only 7.5 ounces), and easy to clean. Running in the rain? No problem. Specially placed holes allow water to drain and air to circulate. While all of these features sound like a great recipe for an everyday shoe, the true test remains—the public.

An overwhelming response online may or may not translate into success when it comes to real people wearing the design each day. One benefit that may be the niche of this brand—rest for the feet after high-impact activity. Time and order fulfillment will tell whether or not Crosskix will be around for the long-haul, or just another short-lived trend.

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