Defy gravity and walk on air with the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill. Working out the “old-fashioned” way means that your feet are enduring at least four times your body’s weight. This extreme pressure can lead to foot pain, overuse injuries, and changes in gait. With the space age technology of this treadmill and others like it, users are experiencing a feeling of weightlessness—a huge relief for the feet!

No, this isn’t an episode of The Jetsons, but stepping into a specialized pair of shorts is part of using the machine. The staging area consists of a chamber that is zipped up prior to the beginning of the workout. As air is pumped into the area, the user can actually feel the heels being lifted off of the ground. Imagine the instant relief from common foot conditions such as heel pain. Another benefit is the ease of correcting a runner’s gait and form when body weight has been reduced by half or more.

People who are overweight can also benefit. The vicious cycle of not exercising due to foot pain is easily addressed with this air technology which provides immediate relief to the feet. Unfortunately, very few everyday people have access to these machines. Sports teams and rehab facilities are the biggest markets. However, their existence proves once again that every pound we carry affects our foundation!

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