Persistent, chronic, frustrating heel pain is the bane of active individuals everywhere. It’s one of the most common painful symptoms experienced by those who work on their feet, and those who love to run, jump, hike, camp, play sports, and live their lives on the go.

When your heels hurt, it may sometimes feel like you have only two choices—limp through the pain, or scale back your lifestyle. Over time, far too many people begin to slowly disengage from the activities they used to love because they just can’t get through them without pain anymore.Holding inflamed heel

But there’s a third option! Heel pain is not an inevitable part of life, even a life lived to the fullest. At the Nevada Heel Pain Center of Excellence, Dr. Noah Levine specializes in keeping your heels free from pain and pressure so you stay on your feet for the long haul. We thoroughly evaluate your symptoms and any conditions that may be contributing to your discomfort, and prescribe comprehensive and effective solutions to help.

Many times, the right response isn’t even really a “medical” one! A number of modest adjustments to your routine, such as wearing better shoes, easing into new activities more slowly, and incorporating more cross-training and low-impact exercise into your workouts, might be all the “treatment” you really need. For example, if you love running but can’t stand the heel pain, try doing some cycling a few days per week instead. (Cycling is generally easier on the feet than running, but it isn’t without its own potential risks—we help with those too).

For those who do require a more active medical response, we provide a broad range of exceptional treatment modalities, from traditional approaches like physical therapy to advanced methods like shockwave therapy and custom orthotics. Our experience, training, and high-tech equipment allows us to craft effective treatments that are personalized to each individual. Our focus is always on keeping you as active as possible throughout your treatment course, and getting you back to 100 percent quickly.

If you’re unsatisfied with a reduced lifestyle and heel pain that is infringing on the life you want to lead, call the Nevada Heel Pain Center, part of the Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas, today. You can reach our office at (702) 839-2010.

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