October is still warm, but the month does bring a little heat relief to the Las Vegas area, particularly in the mornings and evenings. This makes it a great season for runners out on the trails. Just like any other season, though, make sure you pay attention to your feet. Your shoes and orthotics can make a difference for your run, so you want them in top shape. Every now and again you need to replace worn out orthotics so that you continue to get the full support your lower limbs need.

Custom orthotics are built to last for a while. They are designed to fit your unique feet and meet specific biomechanical needs for your activities. Typically, they are made of plastic, dense foam, or graphite. After a few years of wear and tear, however, they begin to break down. They aren’t quite as supportive as they used to be, allowing your lower limbs to develop issues. You need to replace orthotics that are no longer functioning appropriately for your lower limbs. Otherwise you may set yourself up for overuse injuries later.

How quickly your orthotics wear out will depend on the materials composing them and how much they are used. Accommodative inserts made from soft materials, like foam, are more susceptible to wear and tear than pairs made from harder substances. Inserts that are used frequently also absorb more pressure than those you wear sparingly. The weight of your footsteps can make a difference as well. Heavy footfalls, or lots of repetitive foot strikes, strain and wear down your inserts.

The real test of worn out orthotics, though, is how they feel when you wear them. If your orthotics are still comfortable and you don’t notice painful problems when you run or participate in sports, your pair is probably still fine. If you notice your feet getting sore more easily, or find you experience foot discomfort when you’re active, it may be time to consider replacing your insoles.

Custom orthotics are great for keeping active feet healthy, but they aren’t helpful when they no longer work. Let Dr. Noah Levine and our Absolute Foot Care Specialists team in Las Vegas NV help. If you’re concerned about your foot care or the condition of your orthotics, call (702) 839-2010, or use our website to make an appointment with us.

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