Woman With Foot PainWhenever a patient comes to visit us after suffering for months (or even years!) with chronic foot pain that just won’t go away, surgery is almost always one of the first things on their mind. Usually, they just assumed they’d get better on their own in time—until they didn’t. Quite often, they’ve already tried some self-care remedies (rest, ice, pain creams, massage, stretching, gel insoles, etc.) with limited success.

“Am I going to need surgery?”

“What else can be done about my pain?”

This is the fun part of the conversation, because we get to share some good news. Although yes, certain conditions and injuries may ultimately require surgery, the vast majority of the time, chronic foot pain can be fully remedied with non-surgical options.

Of course, there are always the basics—the tried and true conservative therapies that doctors have been offering their patients for decades. You’d be surprised how often minor adjustments to your lifestyle can reduce your painful symptoms considerably; you just have to be able to recognize the contributing factors. These adjustments could be as simple as wearing different shoes, or placing a rubber mat at your workstation, or reducing the amount of high-impact exercise in your workout routine, or taking a little more time to stretch every day and warm up before activity.

And when the basics aren’t enough, there’s modern medicine. Even in just the last decade or two, advanced conservative options for chronic foot pain have gotten a lot better at helping you recover without needing surgery.

For those with a structural foot problem contributing to their pain, a pair of custom orthotics—precisely fitted and prescribed by a podiatrist—can provide lasting relief. (When well cared for, custom orthotics can often last for years before needing to be replaced.) We also offer state-of-the-art tools like extracorporeal pulse activation treatment, which has shown incredible results at healing even the most frustrating chronic pain conditions, including both soft tissue and bone injuries.

In short, your odds of a successful resolution from pain—without surgery—have never been better. So don’t wait until the pain is unbearable! Stop by the Absolute Foot Care Specialists now for effective remedies. Give us a call today at (702) 839-2010.


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