Overlapping toes are a common minor deformity. If it’s caught early in an infant, it might be possible to treat the condition without surgery. Stretching, adjusting, and taping the toe as the baby grows might help it straighten it out. On rare occasions, a baby might actually outgrow the deformity. Aside from this, however, conservative methods aren’t normally effective. The older you are, the more likely that surgery is your only practical option if you want to change the look of your overlapping toes.

The good news is that, for many children and adults, an overlapping toe never causes problems and doesn’t need to be fixed. For others, however, the “abnormal” appearance can be embarrassing and create social anxiety, or the toe can stiffen and actually become a painful issue. Our experts at Absolute Foot Care Specialists will work with you to help you determine if surgical correction is the right option for your overlapping toe. Make an appointment at one of our Las Vegas offices online, or by calling (702) 839-2010.