The most interesting mysteries have many possible culprits. If all the evidence pointed to only one character in the story, it wouldn’t be much of a mystery. That’s why books, TV shows, and murder mystery dinner events like The Murder Mystery Co. here in Las Vegas always have many suspects that keep you guessing. Sometimes your health problems can feel like a mystery episode—you’re not sure what’s causing the problem and there are many potential culprits. That’s often the case with ankle pain.

Ankle pain is just a generalized description of pain in or around your ankle joint. Many different conditions can cause it. Some are fairly common and easy to identify. Others, however, need a little more looking into to catch them. Here are a few culprits that might be behind the pain in your ankles:

Sprains – A sudden twist or fall can painfully overstretch the ligaments in your ankle, leaving it unstable, swollen, and uncomfortable. Leaving it untreated can make the problem worse, too, since the instability can become chronic and extremely uncomfortable.

Fractures – A break in any of the bones that make up the ankle can be excruciating. Usually the pain is sudden and causes immediate trouble walking or putting weight on the affected foot.

Tendon Problems – Inflammation, swelling, and tears in the Achilles can leave your ankle swollen and painful.

Arthritis – Damage in the joint stiffens it and makes moving your foot very uncomfortable.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – A pinched or compressed nerve on the side of the ankle can cause sharp, burning pain outside the joint.

The best way to tell what is causing your ankle pain, of course, is to get your lower limbs checked carefully. Don’t wait until you’re limping or have to give up your favorite activities to try to solve the mystery. Instead, take care of it when it first aches and hurts. Make an appointment with our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists through our website. You can also call our Las Vegas offices at (702) 839-2010.

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