Ankle exercises can be very helpful for your lower limbs—and in many ways, your body as a whole. Your ankles are, after all, a crucial part of both your mobility and your stability. They allow you to push off the ground to move as well as support your weight and help absorb shock. Strong ankles are better at this than weak ones. Weak joints are more likely to “give out” under pressure, and may not help you prevent overuse problems like tendonitis or shin splints. Exercises for stronger ankles work to build up the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that control this important joint. That way they are more stable and move more efficiently. The best ankle strengthening exercises include heel raises, ankle circles, and motions that point and flex your foot, especially with some resistance. You should also include stretches that increase your joint’s range of motion and prevent major muscles like your calves from getting too tight. If you need help establishing an ankle exercise routine, or you’re concerned about pain you already have in your lower limbs, let us know! Just contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists for an appointment by calling (702) 839-2010. You can also reach our Las Vegas offices online.