A new Super Bowl champ has been crowned! It’s been quite a year for the Seattle Seahawks. We’ve seen the instant replays, the game highlights, and the commercials. We’ve also seen the injuries and the players sidelined by hard hits and the strain of the game. No one debates that football is a tough sport that takes a toll on the players’ bodies. It’s possible, however, that modern football cleats are making the problems worse.

Most cleats are designed for traction when running, but may not offer the best support for athletes’ feet. With modern materials and technology, cleats have been getting lighter and narrower than ever before, with a high emphasis placed on speed. Unfortunately, this means they must sacrifice some support and stability. Foot injuries among football players have been increasing over the last few years at an alarming rate.

Football cleats have little to no arch support. The placement of the studs underneath the shoe can affect how it twists the foot when players run as well.  Insufficient stabilization with the rapid twists and direction changes of the game can lead to serious and potentially season-ending injuries. You don’t have to be a pro in the Super Bowl to want to avoid those. If you play football and are looking for new, safe cleats, you need to know what type of support your feet need. You also should consider your team position and the playing surface you will use the most. That way you can look for cleats—and potentially custom orthotics—that support you properly.

If you’re an athlete and aren’t sure what you need in shoes, or need orthotics to treat foot pain, contact the experts here at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas. We can help you manage your foot and ankle needs so your lower limbs don’t hold you back on the field. You can reach us by visiting the online contact page or by calling (702) 839-2010 for an appointment or more information.

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