Physical therapy is one of the most important components of comprehensive treatment for many different foot and ankle conditions and injuries. This simple yet effective approach to conservative care offers many benefits, from increased strength and flexibility to muscle relaxation, faster healing, and reduction in pain.

Perhaps the most obvious use of physical therapy is in the days and weeks following a surgery or period of immobilization (such as wearing a leg cast). While you’re “on the shelf” healing and recovering from a broken bone or torn tendon, the affected and surrounding bones and tissues will lose mass, strength, and range of motion due to lack of use. Appropriate physical therapy exercises are crucial in order to help you restore the function of your lower limbs to pre-injury levels.Physical Therapy

But rehab isn’t the only use for physical therapy in a podiatric setting. It is often considered as a primary treatment modality for a wide range of aches and pains, including heel pain, arch pain, ankle wobbliness, shin pain, and more. Physical therapy helps lengthen and loosen tight muscles as well as helps re-train and toughen muscles that support vulnerable joints and structures.

Most physical therapy can be performed at home on your own. During your appointment, we can help guide you through the kinds of exercises and stretches you’ll need to practice in order to relieve pain or restore function to your feet. If necessary, we will refer you to an appropriate, licensed physical therapist should you need one for more serious pain.

Once you’ve fully recovered from your pain, injury, or surgery, don’t forget to keep stretching and exercising those feet, ankles, and calves! Lower legs are sadly, often forgotten or ignored at the gym or during other workouts. Yet a few minutes of training per day can help significantly reduce pain, increase endurance, and prevent future injuries.

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