Orthotics can improve performanceCompetitive athletes are always looking for an edge. They’re out on the court early in the morning and stay late after practice to work on their shooting. They’re sharing diet tips and making sure they get the right nutrients. And, more and more, they’re using sports orthotics to keep them pain free and improve their performance.

At our office, we encounter sports practitioners all levels, from recreational hobbyists to ultra-competitive, trained athletes. These are people who love to play, but foot pain and injuries to their feet and ankles are keeping them off the field or court and robbing them of their competitive drive. In many cases, custom orthotics designed specifically for athletes can not only take away their pain and prevent injury, but actually help them improve their game.

No, orthotics won’t automatically make you run faster, or nail more three-pointers, or fix your one-handed backhand. But they do provide a couple of big benefits for athletes looking for an edge.

First, by controlling irregular motion, sports orthotics not only help prevent injuries but maximize biomechanical efficiency. In other words, a sports orthotic can help improve your agility, get a more efficient push-off, prevent ankle rolling, increase stability, and much more.

Furthermore, depending on what sport you play, the orthotic can be crafted with different features to meet your performance goals. Golfers, track athletes, tennis players, and wide receivers (just to pick a few examples) all have very different needs from their feet and ankles, and a custom sports orthotic can provide additional protection, support, or stabilization where it’s most important.

Another important benefit? Because orthotics help you reduce pain and fatigue from activity, you can train longer, harder, and smarter. Instead of walking off the court in agony after an hour (or worse, taking a few weeks or months off to address a significant injury), you can put in the extra hours necessary to develop your skills. Although the tool itself doesn’t make you a better shooter, it allows you to become one over time.

If pain, fatigue, and injury to the feet or ankles are keeping you from playing the sport you love, check out the Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you live, work, and play without pain and improve your athletic performance with effective sports care. Book an appointment online, or give us a call at (702) 839-2010. 
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