Have your feet gone cold and numb? Even assuming your condition has nothing to do with the weather or spending the night in a meat locker, there are still a number of possible explanations. Your foot could simply be “asleep,” or you could be suffering from nerve damage, low circulation, or both.

StretchingYour first strategy for getting the warmth and feeling back is to simply change your body position, stretch out, flex your ankles, wiggle your toes—in other words, get the blood flowing again. Often feet can go temporarily cold or numb after sitting in an awkward position or standing for long periods of time. These actions can pinch and compress nerves; remove the source of the compression, and feeling returns. If you find that your toes and feet go cold or numb whenever you sit or stand a certain way, or perform certain actions, try to avoid them as much as possible.

If your sensations are related to system nerve damage or low circulation—both of which are extremely common in people with diabetes—simply wiggling a bit probably won’t be enough of a solution. If you find toes and feet going cold and numb frequently, it’s time to seek help from the Absolute Foot Care Specialists.

We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet, including circulatory and nerve testing, so that we can correctly identify the nature and severity of the underlying problem. Then, we can work toward a solution using the wide range of treatment options available at our office, including state-of-the-art technology.

One of those advanced treatments is Combined Electrochemical Therapy, or CECT. The technology uses a two-pronged approach—using both electronic signals and chemical analgesia—to relieve nerve damage. The most exciting thing about CECT is that, for many people, the improvement in nerve function after the treatment course is permanent. Even just a few years ago, that kind of outcome was rare.

Other medical solutions that may be considered, depending on the ultimate cause of your cold feet, include physical therapy, plasma exchange, medications, injections, or surgery.

The Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas are fully determined to preserving and restoring warmth and feeling to your feet to the greatest extent possible. To schedule your appointment with our team, please call the office at (702) 839-2010.

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