shoes can be a cause of top of the foot painPressure can be a powerful force. After all, given time, enough pressure can transform soft carbon into hard diamonds. It can flatten cars, crack concrete, and yes, cause pain on the tops of your feet. It doesn’t even take that much pressure from your shoes to cause top of the foot pain. In fact, that discomfort is a pretty good sign that the shoes you are wearing are too tight.

You have many tendons that run down the tops of your feet. They enable you to flex your feet and your toes. They’re crucial for your ability to pick your foot up after you step. When they become irritated and start to degenerate, using them at all to lift your foot can be extremely uncomfortable.

Poorly-fitting or overly-tight shoes are among the most common culprits for this overuse injury. The pressure from your laces and your shoes pushes down on the tendons and squeezes them. This forces the tendons to rub against the insides of your shoes with every step. Over time, this irritates the tops of your feet, causing a burning pain whenever you try to use those connectors. The irritated area might swell and you could even develop painful nodules on the tendons as a result of the pressure.

As you might imagine, taking care of this problem can be as simple as loosening your laces, or changing the way you lace up your shoes. Sometimes a different shoelace pattern can reduce the pressure on the top of your foot while still holding the footwear snuggly on your feet. If your shoes fit poorly, however, you might need new pairs altogether.

Top of the foot pain from too-tight shoes is easy enough to relieve with simple footwear changes. If the pain persists, however, you may need more involved treatments to alleviate the discomfort. Let Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you with your foot pain and your shoe needs today instead of continuing to suffer. Contact our Las Vegas offices through our website or by calling (702) 839-2010 for more information or an appointment. 

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