Runners legs coming towards the camera

The Thanksgiving season tends to be packed with traditions: making roast turkey and mashed potatoes, sharing what you’re thankful for, watching football, eating pie, etc. For Las Vegas runners, it’s also time for an annual race! The Las Vegas Turkey Trot allows runners to complete a half marathon, 12k, 5k, or one mile circuit on Thursday, November 24, 2016. Preparing properly for this race can help you make sure you run your best and finish strong so you can enjoy family and feasts later in the day.

Running in late November is nice because the weather is usually cooler and more mild than normal, providing a nice break from running in the heat. While this can make running easier, you still need to prepare your feet, and your body, for the distance you’ll be going. Here are a few preparation tips to help you run successfully and avoid injuries:

  • Check your shoes now – Now is the time to be checking to see how worn out your shoes are. If it’s time to replace them, you want to do that with enough time to gently break in those new shoes before the race.
  • Don’t skimp on conditioning or warm-ups – Foot conditioning and appropriate warm-ups before a run are important for preventing injuries. Invest in this as you get closer to the race!
  • Rest and pamper your feet – Give your feet a little time off. Pampering can help them rest and recover from training, too, so they’re fresh for the Turkey Trot.
  • Practice your pacing – If you plan to run at your fastest or take a more leisurely pace, make sure you’re practicing that regularly to help condition your feet for race day.

Coming to a race prepared is the best way to take care of your lower limbs and set yourself up for success at an event like the Las Vegas Turkey Trot. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists are here to help runners of all experience levels do their best in every race. If you need a little extra help preparing, or you’re dealing with foot pain on the trail, don’t wait! Let our experts help you. Contact our Las Vegas offices online or by calling (702) 839-2010 today for more information or to schedule a consultation. 

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